It’s Supposed To Be Hard

Rock Hard Racing was founded on the belief that every event should be epic.  To be fully experienced they must be challenging, unique, and leave every participant wishing that there was one more ounce to give, so that you could leave that ounce on the course as well.  Our events are challenging, but not impossible.  Each and every one requires heart and the will to drive on.  When we see that the trail ahead is rough we don’t re-route the race, we just throw up another arrow.  Speaking of trails, our events do not typically involve pavement.  Unless of course it’s really difficult pavement.

Our mission is to support the community by being actively involved, not just by creating events but by imprinting lasting memories.  We’ve spent our lives racing and experiencing events all over the country.  We know what we like.  When you approach the starting line at one of our events your journey is just beginning.

It’s supposed to be hard.


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