Freetown 50

The Freetown 50 is a unique and challenging mountain bike race featuring 50 miles of challenging technical terrain and big prizes in DCR Freetown/Fall River State Forest.  There is also a 25 mile race available and an 11 mile race as well.  This event is part of an effort to keep New England mountain bike racing alive in the fall season.  It began as a quest to bring back the Big Bang, a race that was known purely for how hard it was.  What it has evolved into is the kind of race that mountain bikers travel across the country for, except it’s right in our own backyard.  With outstanding support from our sponsors we deliver one of the best organized races with prizes and support like you’ve never seen.

If you’re looking for a long mountain bike race that will challenge your endurance as well as your technical skills then you’ve come to the right place.  Freetown/Fall River State Forest is known for an abundance of rocks.  Big rocks, small rocks, medium rocks, there’s plenty to go around (and over).  This race will test your endurance and your mountain biking skills and when the Freetown 50 spits you out across the finish line you’ll leave with a sense of accomplishment you could only get when you’ve been pushed past your limits.

If your limit is about half of 50 miles; you’re in luck too.  We have a 25 Mile Solo Event.  The Freetown 50 Solo prizes are much bigger, but they should be for doing twice the work.  We’ve set a total field limit of 400 riders for the event.

For the true beginner we have an 11 mile course that is only open to CAT 3 (Beginner) racers.  Be warned, it is only shorter, not easier.

This event features an outstanding course and rare pre/post-race amenities.  It is a “can’t miss” event for mountain biking every year.


Event Details – 9/18/16

Registration is open!

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FREETOWN 50:  It’s Supposed To Be Hard

This race is the true focus of the event and is the most challenging.  Racers complete two 25 mile laps.  The biggest prizes and swag are available just for completing the F50.  All racers finishing under 6 hours are eligible to win the Freetown 50 Grand Prize!

All racers must finish in 7 hours. Riders who have not completed their first lap in 3.5 hours will be pulled from the course. All riders who have not passed through Feed Zone 1 (Mile 8/33) by 4.5 hours will be pulled from the course and returned to the main area via SAG Wagon.

FREETOWN 25:  Half The Distance For Half Of The Glory

Racers complete one 25 mile lap.  Prizes are much smaller but this race allows newer riders to participate in the event without the intimidation of the full 50.

FREETOWN 11:  Shorter, Not Easier

Racers complete one 11 mile lap.  This event is only open to CAT 3/Beginner racers and is intended to introduce the novice rider to Freetown.  It is still a technical course.  It is still hard.  It is still Freetown.


The following is included for all pre-registered F50 Racers.

  • Event T-Shirt (Not guaranteed if registered after 9/10/15)
  • Event Water Bottle
  • Meal Ticket


The following is included for all pre-registered F25 Racers.

  • Event Water Bottle


The following is included for all pre-registered F11 Racers.

  • Event Water Bottle

All prizes are equal payout for male and female racers.


  • PRO/CAT1 1ST – 5TH OVERALL: Cash
  • SINGLESPEED OPEN:  Rennen Prizes, Something Cool, Prize Table
  • FATBIKE OPEN:  Something Cool, Prize Table
  • CAT2/3 AGE GROUP:  Something Cool, Prize Table


  • PRO/CAT1 1ST – 3RD OVERALL:  Cash
  • SINGLESPEED OPEN:  Rennen Prizes & Something Cool
  • FATBIKE OPEN:  Something Cool
  • CAT2/3 AGE GROUP:  Something Cool


  • CAT3 AGE GROUP 1ST – 3RD:  Something Cool

Our course consists of a level mix of technical singletrack and fire roads with a very small amount of pavement.  GPS course plotting says it’s 24.89 miles per lap, a wheel sensor says 25.5.  Let’s just call it 25.  You will need real mountain bike skills to complete this race, but there are several flat sections that you can take a breather and regroup.The Freetown 50 Solo Race requires each rider to complete two laps of the 25 mile course.

The Freetown 25 Solo Race requires each rider to complete one lap.

The Freetown 11 Solo Race requires beginner riders to complete one lap of a shorter course.

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